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Frequently Asked Questions

What items do I need to bring with me to become a patient/member?

-CA ID/ Driver’s License/passport, state med card/original Dr. recommendation

Does US Bloom accept debit/credit?

-US Bloom accepts Debit and/or cash, we DO NOT accept credit.

What is the process for becoming a vendor of flower, concentrates, edibles?

-US Bloom accepts patients to vend flower, concentrates, and edibles. Our Vendor hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 12-2pm. We do not make appointments, it is a first come, first served basis.

Do you offer a compassion program?

-We have a Veteran’s discount as well as paperwork that you can fill out to see if you qualify for our compassion program.

Do you deliver?

-US Bloom does not currently deliver, but feel free to call in an order that you can have waiting for you when you arrive.

What is an ideal dose for an edible?

-All edibles have a different range of potency, just because you have a high tolerance for flower or concentrates does not mean you can eat a 500mg brownie and be unaffected. Edibles can be stronger in their effects than flower. We recommend that each patient starts with a milligram dose they are comfortable with since each patient will be affected differently. Micro-dosing is better for some patients, while larger doses can be great for others. Speak to your patient consultant and they will help you find the right edible that will work great for your individual needs.

Will I feel the effects from using a topical?

-You will not get “high” from using a topical, they are used to aid with Arthritis, muscle and body aches and pains. It soaks into the layers of your skin to aid the pain relief but is not known to enter your bloodstream and affect you mentally or physically.

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

-Indica is a body high that can make you sleepy and aid with any physical pain you may be experiencing. Sativa is a happy, uplifting cranial high that can motivate you and keep you active and enhance artistic skills and help with concentration.